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Prager Hydro, health that’s more than skin deep. 

Transform your health and regain your performance. Hydrogen is medically proven to neutralise free-radicals and increase your antioxidant levels immediately. The purest form of antioxidant you can get, all in a glass of still water. While most of our antioxidant intake comes from our food, the amount is minimal compared to our hydrogen infused water. Even vitamin supplements can’t come close!

Hydrogen in water is scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory qualities that help to prevent chronic diseases, as well as get you on the road to recovery faster.

Clinic studies on the benefits of hydrogen.

  1. Hydrogen lowers inflammation (CRP). (Tanaka et al. - 2021) Inflammation is at the root of just about every disease, from heart disease to cancer, stroke to dementia. There may already be existing anti-inflammatory techniques, and we will always need to determine the cause of the inflammation too. We’re constantly looking for new treatments in a world working against us, but hydrogen water may be the answer. 
  2. Improves blood sugar metabolism. (Kajiyama et al. - 2008) Diabetes drastically increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that hydrogen water consumption improves blood sugar metabolism, for example reducing insulin intake resistance, helping to stabilise the effects of diabetes. This in turn will reduce the risks of diabetes related diseases. A linked benefit was a reduction in LDL cholesterol levels, indicating that hydrogen water can benefit cholesterol levels without the use of statin-based drugs.
  3. Improves Parkinson’s symptoms. (Yoritaka et al. - 2013) Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases are heavily linked to oxidative stress, and the development of Parkinson’s is linked to inflammation. Given the fact hydrogen water is an antioxidant which reduces inflammation, it is no surprise that people with Parkinson’s saw their symptoms improve after drinking hydrogen water in this study. 
  4. Improves Athletes’ Performance. (Javorac et al. - 2019) Athletes who inhaled hydrogen for 20 minutes daily were found to outperform the control group who did not. Not only was this in outright performance; the athletes could also perform at their peak for longer, further suggesting shorter recovery periods.